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1. Create a multi-language form with a translation app

1.1 Preparation

1.2 Setting steps

1.1 Preparation

 a, Install a translation app you like on your store and configure the language you need in the app.

 We here take "Langify" App as an example.


1.2 Setting steps

a, Copy the current form and enable the new form.

b, Rename the new copy into your different languages and translate the form to different languages manually. We here take "French" as an example.

c, Copy the code of different languages form.

d, Find the page you want to install the different language form on in the translator App.

e, Select the language you want

f, Copy the code in step into the page content box at right side of the translating App

g, Save it. 

h, Congratulations! You have finished the creation of the multi-language form. You can switch the language in the lower right corner.

If you don't want to use a translator app, Please contact us for support directly.