When your form is integrated with Klaviyo, every form submission will send the submitted data to Klaviyo.

Create a Private API Key with grant applications full access for every API scope in Klaviyo.

Step1:Login to your Klaviyo account

Please click here to go to the login page.

Step2:Create a Private API Keys

1. Go to the Klaviyo homepage.

2. Click on your company or email in the bottom left corner of the page, then click on "Settings".

3. Click on "API keys", then click on "Create Private API Key".

4. Enter the desired Private API Key Name, select "Grant applications full access for every API scope" as the access level, and finally click on "Create".

5. Please save your Private Key, it will be used in the form.

Integrate your forms with Klaviyo

Step1:To enable Klaviyo in a form

1. Open the form editing page.

2. Click on "Settings" to expand the Integration section.

3. Click on "Klaviyo" and check the box to enable Klaviyo.

Step2:Integrate with Klaviyo using the Klaviyo API key and fill in the appropriate field labels

1. Enter the Private Key that was saved before into the Klaviyo API key input box. 

2. After clicking Connect, you will see your Klaviyo lists in the Lists section. Select the list where you want to save the data.

3. If your form contains the First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone widgets, the field tags will automatically be matched with first_name, last_name, email, and phone_number. Please do not change these field tags

Please ensure that the Email and Phone widgets are present in your form and set as required fields. This is because if any of these fields are not filled out correctly, the data cannot be passed to Klaviyo.

4. For the other widgets in your form, we recommend setting the field labels to the same name for easy differentiation. Of course, you can also set them to any name you prefer. Finally, click on "Save".

When users submit your form, you will be able to view the data they submitted in Klaviyo

Please note that when users enter an incorrect phone number, the data cannot be transmitted to Klaviyo. If your form includes First Name and Last Name widgets, and they are not set as required, Klaviyo will display them as "TEST" by default if the user does not fill them in.