Step 1: Log into your Google account

Log into your Google account here.

Step 2: App Password generated if 2-Step Verification is Enabled

You have to enable 2-step verification on your Google account.

You would need to generate an application-specific password.

Create a new app-specific password, give it a name such as “Pify Form Builder” and then click Create.

Note down the application password as it will be required in the next step

Step 3: Configure Gmail on the SMTP Add-on

Enter the form editing page, click on Settings, expand Use custom SMTP, enable Use custom SMTP.

SMTP Host(Google account)


Username/Email address(Gmail login username)

Password(Generated in step 2 above ):your App password

Once you finish setting up, the sender's address will change from our default email to your own Google email, reducing the likelihood of being recognized as spam.