In this article:

  • Announcement Bar installation

  • Announcement Bar features introduction

Announcement Bar installation

1, Click " Announcement Bar " in the menu.

2, Enable "Announcement Bar" in app.

3, Also enable "Announcement Bar" at theme editor of your shop admin.

Announcement Bar features instruction

1, Edit the message in the Announcement Bar.

2, Display time you can select "All time" or "Schedule".

If select "All time", the Announcement Bar will always display.

If select "Schedule", you need set "Announcement Bar display time", selecting "start time" and "end time". After the end time, it will not show on your website anymore. 

And, if select "Schedule", the countdown timer will display.

Appearance setting: 

We support Message font size(px) setting,Paddings(px) setting,color of Message/Bar background /Schedule background / Schedule message setting.

In the future, we will continue to upgrade and optimize the "Announcement Bar". New features will be added such as adding installation on specific pages, etc. Let's wait and see.

For further problems, feel free to contact us.