The condition feature is very flexible and suitable for a wide variety of scenarios. But how to use it? Please check following demo then you will have a more clear understanding of this feature.

1, Add suitable widgets and set the field. Then click " Save " and refresh the page.

2, Then you can start to set your condition.

3, You can select the field you just created under " When "

4, For example, we set the condition : When select "Bread", the "Toast" and "Cake" image will hide. Then click " save" and refresh the page.

5, Completed. You can preview the form.

You can set the conditions according to your request.  But it’s best don't set multiple conditions with same 'Target'. It may cause conflicts between your conditions (not work as expected). And if you enable the Multi-Step feature, the conditions won't work cross the steps. 

For the other way, feel free to contact us for support directly.