2024-04-09 Release

  • Congratulations! You can use the File Upload feature including 200MB storage space in FREE plan now.
  • Allow to set up how many items in on line for the Image Radio Selects & Image Checkbox Selects widget.
  • Allow to review submissions of all forms in one page.
  • Allow click and open the original option image in the email.
  • Added app block for the publish of the custom position popup button, you can publish a popup form in the theme editor easily.
  • Added Searchable Dropdown Selects widget, it is useful for the customer when there are many options.           
  • Added Color Picker widget.
  • Features optimization.

2024-03-28 Release

  • Now it is unlimited of the forms in FREE plan, you can create as many forms as you like.
  • Allow form export/import, it is easy to create forms quickly for multiple stores.
  • Allow use the coupon when upgrade the plan.
  • Features optimization.

2024-03-20 Release

  • Added submissions paging when search data.
  • Added Hidden widget. It is very useful for developer.
  • Added HTML Code widget. It is very useful for developer.

2024-03-08 Release

  • Allow search/export form submissions by start date and end date.
  • Added Company field for the Address Widget.
  • Bugs fixed.

2024-03-01 Release

  • Upgraded Email widget, allow connect more form fields to the new customer created by the submission.
  • Allow export the submission chart report to pdf file.
  • Extended the free trial period to 5 days when upgrade the plan.
  • Bugs fixed.

2023-10-30 Release

  • Become a partner width Pagefly app, you can publish a pify form easily in a page design by Pagefly.
  • Allow publish a Pify form by the app section easily for the Online Store 2.0 themes.
  • Bugs fixed.

2022-09-05 Release

  • Password Widget added, which is very useful for customer account registration.
  • Allow customizing width and padding for info box.
  • Allow customer to choose if accept marketing emails for the Email Widget.
  • Yearly plans added.
  • Bugs fixed.

2022-08-09 Release 

  • Rich Box widget added, which is a rich input box for customer.
  • File Uploading widget updated. Multiple file uploading at one widget is available.
  • Form design page updated, improving user's experience.
  • Email widget updated, which can set up the customer as a subscriber or not.
  • Bugs fixed.

2022-06-17 Release 

  • Popup trigger button short code added at the custom display position.
  • New integration for Paypal smart payment (For GOLD plan) added. It is very helpful for the order form.
  • Name of Wholesale widget to Order widget modified, supporting add custom products in the Order widget.
  • Bugs fixed.

2022-01-24 Release 

  • New integration for Klaviyo added.
  • New integration for Omnisend added.
  • New integration for Zapier(For ADV plan) added.
  • Info box form added. You can enable it in the form edit page.
  • Placeholder setting for the input box added.
  • Many new form templates for business added.
  • Bugs fixed.

2021-08-12 Release 

  • Multiple step form added, which is very useful for a long form.
  • New contact widget First Name and Last Name added, which are useful for customer's data.
  • Number widget min/max setting added.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Bugs fixed.

2021-07-22 Release 

  • Some new order form templates added.
  • Phone widget with country code added.
  • Address widget added. Very helpful for forms like order, event, registration.
  • Wholesale widget updated. Contact Information and Shipping Address section are optional.
  • Bugs fixesd