Please refer to our below instruction to connect the form submission data into  Zapier. Here is an example for sending an email by Gmail through Zapier.

  • From the admin of the app, select a particular form that you want to connect.
  • From the form edit page, click the Settings tab > Click Integration.
  • Click Zapier> Click Enable
  • Login your Zapier account, create a Zap
  • Setup a Trigger, select WebHook for an App Event.
  • Select Catch Hook.
  • Copy Custom Webhook URL.

  • Input Custom Webhook URL.
  • Input Zapier trigger request field tag. That means a data struct need to send to the Zapier trigger. Using '_' to connect more than one words is the recommended naming method.
  • Click Save the settings.
  • Click Connect and Refresh the Fields, it will send a test request to the Webhook URL for testing the trigger. 
  • Click Test Trigger.
  • You will get a response from the test request before. And the fields is you setup before. Click Continue to finish the Trigger setup.
  • Setup an Action, select Gmail for an App Event. 
  • Select Send Email.  
  • Login your gmail account in here.
  • Set up action, you can select a field to the corresponding settings of the email.
  • Test the action or directly make a new form submission to test the Zap.  

Finally, if you meet any problem, feel free to contact our support by