In general, the forms of our app are very compatible with your site. But if you want to build a more beautiful form to better fit your site, you can set by "Appearance" at "Design" as follows.

1, You can set the colour and styles of the form body as well as the fonts. 

2, You can hide or show the header. And you can also design the color, style, height of the header.

3, You can hide or show the boarder. And you can also design the color, size and radius of the boarder.

4, You can design the backgroud color, border color and boarder radius of the inputs.

5, You can  hide or show the "summit" button. And you can design the background color,border radius ,Alignment and width of the button.

6, You can set " label bold " of the inputs and "hide or show the title of all the inputs with placeholder ".

If you need some specifically design requests, such as specific fonts, etc, please feel free to contact us for support directly.