Form Link & Share It

A visit link of a form can be generated after you created the form. We all know that different forms must have different links, but whether the link for one form always keeps same? The answer is Yes. The form link for one form keeps unchanged even if you have modified the form content and settings after published. Besides, people can visit the link to fill in and submit your form no matter which devices and browsers they use.

You may click the "Copy" icon to copy the link to conveniently share it with others, or click the "Open" icon to visit the form directly. 

You may share the form into some main SNS platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkin.


Install to webpages automatically

You may select your webpages like product, blog or page on your shopify store to install the form. Select the position where to display the form, and then click 'Install to page', the form will be installed automatically.

Also, you may remove the form installation on 'Manage installations' tab.


Install to webpages in a custom position

You only need to have some basic knowledge to install a form in your website or blog. We have already prepared embedded codes so that you just need to copy and paste them into HTML of your webpage, like blog, page, product and other webpages. Then the form will be displayed at the corresponding place.

It works like embedding an image into your webpage and an embedded form becomes part of the page. There are two code models to choose from: Script codes and inframe codes. Script codes are recommended because of its better compatibility.

For example, in a product page, just two steps install your form.

  • Step 1.  Copy the form code here.
  • Step 2.  On the product edit page, click the 'Show Html' button, and then paste the Script code into the position where you want to show the form.

Other pages installation just like the product page.

For the other way, feel free to contact us for support directly.